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This is wrong

You let me get all the way to 4/5 for the freakin pvp box and then you pair me with people higher than me I love this game cuz you don’t need to spend money to play but it’s not fair how you do the PvP crap


Can’t imagine a better game

PVP is garbage

Every time I play PVP, I end up getting set up fighting some other guy near 10 levels ahead of me. PVP is so unfair and frustrating.

Great but Gold!

The game is great in the beginning but the gold gold takes quite long to farm I’m like four mounts in and have only bought two hero crates.

Wish I could give 0 stars

LAG LAG LAG LAG LAG! Great game idea without caring about their players. I regret downloading and spending money on this. STAY AWAY! They continue to push pvp events and never fix the lag issue associated with it. I contacted them several times and their response is that the lag is my fault and not theirs yet all my alliance members were complaining about the same thing. Guess it was my alliance members fault as well. Additionally, I don’t have lag in any other games while playing on the same device.


Love this game please keep it up

Hero Hunters

This game is just

Top 3 favorite games!!!

This is so awesome I’ve been playing it almost every day and all day.

Hands down the best game of its kind!

A must have! Great start and a lot of things that they can do to make it better and I believe they will. Keep up the good work!

Great game

Extremely fun to play awesome characters but hard to get gold


Awesome game

It awsome

This game is awesome I thought when this game out this is just copying Fortnite or pubg but no when I played it it’s awsome it’s so much cooler than pubg


I just downloaded this game yesterday and it won’t let me go in again cause I fell asleep and turned off the game and now it won’t let me get in the game

Fix your game

Fix the f ing game already sow many updates not one has fixed the bugs in this piece of trash

They want your money..

All they want you to do is spend your money... you buy this kits with the hope of getting a player and what happens every time is that they give you the lower one always.. is was fun in the begging but, once they got you in they take you for a run..

Money money money

Latest addition to the never ending stream of money grabbing pay to level mobile slot machines today! Beautiful graphics, nice sound, and you can pay your way to power!!

Update charged me without notice

During the May 2018 update I was charged $15. I did not intend to purchase anything and the game was free when I originally downloaded it. If there is going to be a charge to update then it should be clear and upfront. I first learned about the charge only after they billed me.

Suggestion for a minor change

I love this app but one thing that is keeping me away from this app is one annoying notification and that one goes off right away while I am busy at my work working my butt off to get things done and the notification says BUSY DAY HUH BUT IT ONLY TAKES A MINUTE TO CLAIM YOUR DAILY REWARD and when that goes if I get very frustrated with it but REALLY WHO PUTS A NOTIFICATION LIKE THAT IN A APP???? I can’t believe it I would rather see that notification get removed from this app I barely have the time to play video games but this one will continually annoy me until I finally open the app and claim my reward then it tries to sell me stuff in the app so please if you can hear me or do something about this please remove that one notification or please re word it I have put up with this ever since the app came out I am a very busy man and I don’t want this app interfering with my work but if anything either change that notification into something more polite other than trying to make a statement like your trying to push the users to open the app especially when they don’t have the time to I’ve put up with other notifications but that one notification BUSY DAY HUH BUT IT ONLY TAKES A MINUTE TO CLAIM YOUR DAILY REWARD I am no longer willing to tolerate anymore that one has overstayed it’s welcome so please remove it or change it and I hated to give this app 1 star but because of it being annoying and rude I gave it one star but my review will go up to 5 stars and it will be a better review if you remove that notification


Got me hooked

Bessssst GAAAAAME everrrr



Good game

PvP is frustrating

Every player I go against has a habit to just hide behind cover until I take control over one of my hero’s and just goes for nothing but me, like focus on the bots like a normal mission for Christ sake I can’t play PvP without a player just using nothing his abilities and then finishing me off play PvP right or uninstall the game...

Campaign is good. PvP stinks.

The campaign is pretty cool because it’s almost like an open world so it makes the game better and less boring. But eventually you’ll need more stuff to upgrade your characters to be able to move on to the higher missions. But the game doesn’t really give you anything to collect that quickly to be able to upgrade and move up in campaign which makes the game bad. PvP is fun when you start off because you’re against noobs and so you get to win a few games. But then it becomes tougher where your against people who buy better characters then the ones you have so then you start to lose every round in PvP. So it becomes impossible to move up in PvP because the teams are really uneven against each other. Not only that but the cover platforms get ruined and then your characters just stand there and die. At least make smarter computer bots. Over all though I think I’m done with this game. I’ll stick to Idle Hero’s. At least in that you can leave your characters on one mission on auto so they fight constantly on one mission till you come back to collect the money and loot. Then you’re able to upgrade faster and move on to higher missions. Not only that but you’re able to auto PvP to so that way you don’t waste your time fighting against people that are better then you. Now that’s a good game right there.

Not good do not recommend

Wow is all I have to say they cheat you so hard, right it is a fun game until you hit the part were you can’t progress in the game without spending money on the game. Eventually the game will put you up against people you are better and have higher levels than you don’t get this game.


I run out if stamina to quickly. Ill get stuck on a mission i cant do then ill have to go do mission to level my my character an by the time im done running through missions getting the items done for one character an promoting him ill be out of stamina. Then ill have to wait for my stamina to come back so i can work on another person. I LOVE EVERYTHING ELSE ESPECIALLY THE PVP MODE, IT JUST GETS ME GOIN WHEN IM ON A STREAK. MAKE MORE CHARACTER TOO


Fantastic game

Bla bla bla

I only like roblox

Hero Hunters

I love this game, it’s one of the only mobile games I’ve ever spent money on. The only issues I’ve had is the overwhelming unfairness of the PvP, the AI is simply to brutal,I’ve won maybe 5 matches out of 50. And the co-op raids never change and usually state “this content is not available when offline” even though I’m not. Love the giant roster of Hero’s even though I know I’ll never attain Artemis and a couple others.

The App is Glitching

yes i know with updates comes many problems sometimes but right now it’s getting super annoying. It’s an really fun app and i don’t get addicted to games or keep them around as long as i have with this but it’s really fun but right now it’s frustrating because when i click on things it’s takes forever to load and sometimes doesn’t and then in co op raids and player v player things act slow and the connection messes up or freezes when my phone i under well secured and reliable service and it’s just this app. Fix the problems please i don’t wanna give up on such a fun game because of bugs.


Awesome game can’t put it down


I was disappointed it lagged so hard boy

Help... Glitch

iPhone X turns black while playing this game. I’m updated to date and not working


Fun game easy to play for hours love it!

Hero hunters

The game is really awesome and addicting!😎😁😄😃😇

Hero Hunters

Best Mobile Shooting Game By Far🔫💯


This game is very addictive, is fun to play, and has quite realistic graphics! It is by far one of the best games I have ever played!😊👍

Pretty cool game

A nicer change of pace from most other FPS’s out there

Can’t stop won’t stop!!

Toooooooo addicting!! I’m “almost” sorry I found this game.... and so is my wife!!! >_<

New may update a disaster

Laggier than ever in pvp. Gauntlet first time playing after update it leaves off 1 of my 5 players in the 5th slot no matter who they are. Did anybody test this before releasing it? Wont get a dime of my money. Complete crap.

Best mobile game around! A hidden gem!

This game is hands down the best mobile game I ever played. I love the fact you can grind and grind and grind to get gear and that carrot is still in front of you. The play to win isn’t pushed in your face like most games and is totally doable without spending a penny, though there are perks for you if you spend money if that’s the kind of thing you like. I’ll be honest, I uninstalled this game after 5 minutes of playing but after a week I wanted try again and as soon as I got more squad members it instantly looked me. I haven’t put my phone down from this game for over a month and a half. The developers did something amazing and unique here, I don’t see myself getting burnt out anytime soon. With clan support, auto play support, PVP, campaigns, events, raids, this game has got it all.


Great game, love the level up system. Graphics are amazing, lots of different missions to do when your out of energy. The only downfall I see is that if you pay better chances of doing great. If your a free to play player you will struggle threw the game. But other then that it’s a great game, looking forward to the updates. I’m one of those free to play players so I’ll be one of those struggling lol.



Great Game

I would recommend this

🔥Great Game🔥

This is a great game especially in an App Store where most great games are not free I really enjoy playing and the challenges and campaign are nothing short of perfect there is only one thing that they can touch up a bit PvP I just don’t feel like the adds are a good thing bc whenever u are playing and it pops up u all of the sudden have one hero just sitting out there in the open if this was fixed then it would be a greater game than it already is

Hero hunters

You guys did a great job on this app I play it everyday and I think it is really cool and fun to play and that it’s not one of those games that re super easy but again not the games that are super hard I support you good job

This is amazing

This is NOT a pay to win game and your stamina rarely runs out for me so far it’s awesome.

Awesome Sauce

This game is pretty awesome! Fun and challenging.


Awesome game best I’ve played on iOS imo

Mega Fun

Great action and superb team building . Auto play is outstanding. The only short coming is that auto play does not function in all modes. Looking forward to updates.



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