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Really I have no words as to HOW AWSOME this game is I really want new games like this

Love it

Recommendations; be able to trade hero’s with other friends. Say I have one a friend wants and he or she has one that I want.... Only dislike is pvp connection.

Pretty fun

It’s a great game but there are better games out there but I recommend you try it


This game was awesome but now it’s just getting ridiculous. Most of the time I go in PVP I’m shooting the enemy but it won’t damage them until my characters die. I still love the game and jam every chance I have but please fix this problem. Also I don’t know if it’s hacking or a glitch but some PVP matches I had one or two characters are all the way in the back of the map. I couldn’t see or shoot them unless I had a character that special that could go through walls but they could shoot me. Please fix that as well and my rate will go back up to 5 stars. Please and Thank You guys. Ok so I see you guys haven’t fix the problems because now all of a sudden I can’t win against people weaker then me on PVP. I literally lost to a person that power level for his pvp team was 14,000 and mines was 19000. He had 3 bronze 1 silver and 1 gold all my characters was silver plus 3.


It Needs a Zombie Section Also a Alien Mode

Hero Hunters

This game is so good it’s like another form of fortnite hope u enjoy


PvP IS TRASH MY LEVEL 31 goes against level 50s

Need to work on the pvp system

Good overall but definitely one of the worst arena experience I have ever had among games I’ve played before. Almost always I’ll be paired the someone with at least 5 levels higher than me.

Truly Awesome Game

This is a must have game. The best shooting title I have ever played. Been waiting for this game for 40 years. The game play is perfect. You will have to spend money on this one but still wow!

Hek yeah

Very nice rpg game Awesome this game deserves 5 stars

Fun and addicting

Since I downloaded I can’t put it down great game!!!

Micro purchases galore

Actually a fun game but unless you are patient and love to grid this is not the game for you.

Such a great game

I was just looking through the App Store for some games and I found this. Ever since I’ve played I’ve got so addicted

Loving it

I'm not a huge fan of freemium games, but this one does it well. The interface is clean and minimalistic. There are plenty of ways to earn gold without paying a dime. And the emphasis is on the actual gameplay rather than transactions. So about that gameplay? It's fantastic. Probably the best shooter on mobile. It nails one of the primary rules of game design: easy to learn, difficult to master. The AI is pretty good too. Sometimes I think they are better at it than I am, and fortunately in the campaign mode there is an auto play feature to let them do just that. But the best thing is I rarely find myself babysitting my team. There are also PVP modes and alliance challenges to keep you busy and engaged. I wish there were more ways to customize your characters aside from the 3 ways to advance them (star rating, level, and rank via gear), but this is a shooter so I'm not terribly surprised. There are also a few technical glitches here and there that need to be ironed out, but these are minor. EDIT: Time to update this review. WOW so many changes in the past few months. Some good, some not so much. So it seems they've tweaked the AI a bit, and it's not as good as it used to be. Though the game got a bit more complex now, so that might have something to do with it. One good thing is you can now help the AI a bit by telling them who to target and when to use abilities and swap cover, which is really nice, but you can't tell them NOT to use an ability or NOT to swap cover, which is 90% of the problems with the AI now—they swap cover constantly, even when in the middle of an ability you specifically told them to use, which causes it to cancel. The other 10% is that the AI seems to randomly glitch out and and either do nothing or shoot at the floor for 5 minutes. I'm hoping for an AI update to fix some of these issues, as well as the numerous crash bugs, disconnection issues, and slowdowns that seem to have been introduced. The game also feels a bit more transactional now—and p2w—since they've added some clearly OP characters which are impossible to get without paying. And most of the new events, especially around new characters, are impossible to win without paying money since taking the time to gain the character and advance them means you miss the event entirely. That's just depressing. Fortunately a lot of the older characters now show up in the alliance shop, so characters that used to be difficult to impossible to achieve without buying crates are now a bit more accessible with a bit of work and a good alliance. I hope they continue to work on balance and the game doesn't die from inflation like too many other freemium games in years past. Oh also the "skins" addition (more like a palette swap) is pretty lackluster as a form of advancement. I'd have loved to see them used as different "builds" where some stats might go up but others go down, or actually change how an ability works. Right now, the skins barely increase anything, and you have to take a ton of time to advance each of the skins. It's a pretty new feature, though, and there's only maybe 10 skins in total so perhaps it will be more developed in the future.

Love it

This game is awesome and just right for me and I love this game and it’s fun btw I have a vibe to this game😎🤩👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

5 stars game

I really like this game. Is amazing. You can play in a lot of different ways and have fun. I just have one feedback. Why don’t you show the bio of all heroes with an origin included? I think that I’m not the only one who wants to know a little bit of story of all heroes.

hero hunters


Best game ever

Awesome Game , very addictive , just needs more way to get stamina to play more lol.

Just starting

Easy to learn and fun to level up. Not using the pay to level up and still enjoying it.

zach’s review

great game barely any adds

Best cover based shooter out there!

This game is a masterpiece I love how the game plays and how it’s so smooth and fluent I love ❤️ the edition of skins and how it refreshes the game and gives another reason to grind in the game I do wish though the skins of the weapons also change with the hero I would love to see weapon skins in the game also the funds players make in the piggy bank pls make it free to receive instead of pay to get the gold you earned great game definitely recommend

Great game!

Great game but I think that they should add one more feature. They should add a practice range of some sorts so you can test or just play around with your heroes. I think that this mode shouldn’t take energy because it could be more of a area to pass time or to wait for more energy. Thank you for the great game!

The panzer chest is worst luck for me

Every time I do a panzer chest or one of the tier chests I got all of the same heroes I have no new ones just all the same


Easy to get hooked




Good game

Phenomenal game play

I have played this game for 5 months now and the game makers keep expanding it for all its customers. Constant updates to fitch any game play glitches, great graphics and adding new characters and fight scenarios to keep you engaged.

Hero Hunters (good game) 5/5

So, this game is pretty good, really fun, addictive, really gets ya playin’ for a while. It’s not a game where you have to spend real money on resources or gems or coins or whatever, you get stuff quite easily. Fun and funny characters and storyline. And not really that violent, no blood, no horrible death scenes or anything like that. All in all, I’ve...this is just me...but I’ve had a really good time and enjoyed the game so far. Also if you like shooters, maybe think about downloading this game, or if you like adventure and collecting and upgrading.

Pvp match making is horrible

So I just started playing this game a month or so ago and I’m level 49 of 70. The have pretty cool events where you can win prizes to help you a lot but the catch is.. there matchmaking is so broken it makes next to impossible to do anything with your favorite heroes that you geared and leveled. My pvp bracket is for up to level 59 players but I’m constantly paired with players of level 68-70. These players are taking 1 really strong hero and pairing them with under leveled and under geared heroes to put an unbalance in their favor. There is no reliable reporting system and instead of locking pvp to the bracket levels they continue to allow these things to happen. Seriously takes the fun out of a pvp style game. Outside of that the game is fun and will recommend it to my friends after the fix their pvp. As my friends and I are competitive and that’s why I play this game I cannot give it anymore stars.

Devs please read

So far I love the game and I’m two days into it.i love the art style and everything about it except the PvP. Whenever I’m on a match I’m paired with a team level 33 player when I’m level 21.please change the PvP pairing system to level based pairing. I love this game and it’s so fun. Keep up the great work!😄

Fun,like sniper fury for kids

The games graphics are amazing and I can’t get over the how realistic it is. THIS IS A MUST PLAY GAME!


This game is great, It just takes a while to get anywhere far into the game without purchasing gold




Great game lots of action and it’s the coolest one yet


This game is awesome my brother told about this game thought this will be same old shoot and fight game but some many missions, pvp, and side missions this great game can’t wait for updates they have in stored.

BEST IOS SHOOTER GAME EVER!!!! But just ONE thing...

The game and graphics are fantastic, but there is language in the campaign. Even though it only refers to the da** word. I am strongly against language, which is my back up to my four stars

One of the most fun games I've ever played on mobile

Great graphics, amazing sound, super fun pvp system, tons and tons of characters. Not a single complaint yet

The Best

AMAZING funnest shooting mobile game I ever play great job

Get it!!!!!!

Despite what you would think the game to be, here hunters is actually really fun and does pretty well as a mobile game. I really recommend you get the game.

So far so good

Just started this game and it’s quickly gaining top three position. I’m hoping I’m not imagining this but the devs of this game aren’t shoving the in app purchases in my face as I play. Let’s hope this stays the trend

Action packed

So good I dont use my X box as much!!!


This game is great, I love it

It's a good game, but...

The latest update has messed up the game. It lags, freezes and stutters a lot. I can't get through a few games without it freezing during a match. Can someone look at the code and see what went wrong?

Realistic, amazing, and my favorite!😍

I LOVE this game! It’s realistic and amazing, just the quality of the game really surprises me so much because I’ve seen many popular games but yet not much graphics this is the first game that has great graphics! This game is really addicting mainly because of how much hero’s, awesome levels, and all the quests and other great things!👌🏻 Also this game doesn’t take up much space, which means this is a small space game with big things that can brighten your day!🌞 This game is too amazing to put into words! I haven’t seen this update yet but I know this would be nice and amazing!🔥🔥🔥

Ok let me say

This game is fun an all but the constant need of more power in the campaign is rediculous after beating a level

Best mobile game

This game is one of the best mobile games! Loads of fun! It’s almost as if I had an Xbox or PlayStation game downloaded to my phone, and also great graphics!


I Have never play a game Anything like this

Best Game Ever!!

Love the new update. I’ve had the game on my phone for over three months now, lol and i am a daily player. Add me for Co-Op Raids😆 @Neshia450


So much better than fortnite

Lots of fun

Download it and try it, you get drug in.

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