Hero Hunters App Reviews

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Might be a good game but...

Well since I can’t even get out of the loading phase in 1-3 I can’t say much except wish I could play it.

Player beware

App is quick to bann players even after spending hundreds of dollars in game with no reason at all. Losing all that is gain and payed for in game. Not worth playing avoid and stay away . Dont waste 6 months of life to lose it all happen to many players.


This game is not new player friendly pay to win and so glitchy I recommend not getting this app if your like me

What a great game !

Hands down the best game I’ve seen on iOS. Period. It is not like other games keep asking for money all the time.

Can’t put the game down

Love all the different combinations of characters that you can put together


So fun i play on here and my galaxy

Truly one of the best mobile games available

I’ve been playing this game for a couple of months now and I have to say that this is truly one of the best mobile games available. It doesn’t make you spend real money to get ahead or compete, it doesn’t make you have to spend real money to get ahead. In fact the game is so good that you don’t really mind spending real money to help out the devs. After all they should get paid! Great job on not making us feel like we’re either spending money or wasting our time playing the game. So many other devs could learn from you! I’ve installed and deleted so many games it isn’t funny. Hero hunters is a real keeper!

Please help me give a new update with supporting all iOS devices

😫😫😫😫😭😭😭😭🙏Please🙏 please 🙏please 🙏please😉 please I will give u 5 stars Please make it supporting on iPad 4 and any iOS device!!! Please!😭😭😭😭😭😩😩😩😩😩😫😫😫😭😭😭😭😭!

Re: iPad games are fun

Gaming on different device than Xbox is cool. Which this was an xbox game ..very cool.

Fix update

The update messed the game up.. idk if it’s my connection but everytime i open a game it goes black mode for som weird reason -.-

I am having trouble logging back in

I have trouble logging back in that is all

Broken game

Crash and frezze!!!

Delete account

I need how to reset or delete my account


The only way to get good things is to grind for hours or pay a lot of money. When will devs realize that we’re not all rich, or three-year-olds that steal their mommy’s credit card?

Good game

I love it

Freezes/ update 9/12

Since my last review things have gotten worse with the freezing and kicking out. My stupid self spent more money hoping for improvements. Best part is they pick and chose who to respond to. Most of the time it’s to people that have complemented them. Those of us that have complained just get blown off!


😀😀😃😃😃😃😃😃😀I luv dis game


Great game having a blast playing it none stop fun


Awesome game *****

Unbalanced while playing pvp

This game is great. But while playing pvp, is very unbalanced. Its harder to get in a higher rank since the last updates. The pvp selects players randomly, even if they are from lvls too higher or have much more power. I’m not the only one with this complaint.

The game is great

The quality is good.. love it keep up the good work

Love this game feels like I’m playing the game from peter pipers

But instead on a phone

The best game ever

I have no words for this game it is just great

Just for fun

I was watching the ad for this game and it was something that really got my attention and it’s honestly better than expect

Best game

Just downloaded it... by far the best game I’ve ever played




Best shooting game EVER

It the Best Game ever

Love the game make a new game tho

Awesome game

This game is so fun I’m having a blast if you play lame games you should download Hero Hunters

Awesome game!

Great to do in the free time. For the easy goers and hardcore players as well!


I really like this game and I have a suggestion: PvP co-op like for instance ,2 v 2

‏اللعبة عجبتني جدا جدا شكرن


Get this!

This game is too smooth. I love the concepts.

Love it

I love this game you have all these hero’s and all this action I’ve been here forever

Great game !!

I would like to see the rank structure changed your either an officer or regular member. I would like to see where you actually are promote and progress as member. Giving you more options as a member. Maybe add where your just a recruiter all the way up to sergeants or something. That would be cool

Great little game

I’ve had so much with this game, enough the girlfriends playing. I’ve spent money in this but out of respect for the developers. The vip system is great too I feel like any purchase I make isn’t forgotten .The only things I would recommended is a new system for PVP. I can’t remember the last time I won a match. Secondly (maybe not as important) add to your lore. Such colorful and detailed characters it wouldn’t be hard to add some great lore. The way characters have dialogue exchange it would be easy to add new stories or campaigns, think Marvel Strike. Lastly more opportunities to play with friends. My girlfriend and I would love to have more matches together. Maybe even a co-op campaign. Either way thanks for a great game I hope you guys continue to make more characters and campaigns.


Awesome have a game

Used to be good - pvp is terrible now

The heroes are neat and play differently based on their abilities. The problem is, out of 61 heroes, less than 10 are useful in pvp. Players are allowed to gain the system by suppressing their hero power levels and throwing one or two juggernauts in with their scrubs. They then trash everyone at their supposed level in pvp. Healing is ridiculously over-powered and can outheal any damage done, as its happening. And now some heroes can resurrect other dead heroes. So people just throw 2 rezzers in their party together and they keep reviving each other. Pvp matches used to last 30-45 seconds; were fun and visceral. Now they last 2-3 minutes and you’re left angry and gobsmacked for about half the match. Developers have been silent and the broken meta continues. Save your time and money and look elsewhere for fun, this is just an irritation.

Very balanced

Overall a just a great game to play.


Good services and the best game to play.

poor match makinh

this game has such a poor pvp match making and disconnectivity issues.. pvp is trash they put a level 70 player against a level 45 player just because level 70 player lowers his loadout a little to beat low level players if they cant fix it they don't have to continue this game

روووووعه فعلان لعبه حلوه


Hero hunters

I think it would be cool if there were player built levels that’s why 4 stars


Best game ever

Very well managed!!! Love this game

I downloaded this game thinking this was going to be a rip off but then I thought ‘wow this game is great’ then I have been playing it a lot!!! :)

No sé xd😂😎

Oh carajo es el mejor juego del mundo lo amo 😍 se los recomiendo amigos

Pew pew

If you like to shoot things with cool guns this is the game you want 😈😈😈


Your PVP match making is stupid and frustrating. It’s not even fair. I get put against people 20 levels ahead of me.

One of best games

Great game to play when its slow at work and nothing to do

Only one way to describe this game crazy awsome

Play this if you like switching and getting challenged

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